I Am The Lion by Rachelle Lauro

I Am The Lion by Rachelle Lauro
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 298 KB

Reclusive Eugenia writes a bestselling vampire book under the pen name Amy Mathews. Her outgoing older sister, Virginia, serves as the face of the fictitious writer. It’s a lucrative partnership that landed Amy Mathews literary fame and fortune.
Until now.
Virginia wants more books, but vampires are pretty much dead to Eugenia. She wants to write about life. Worse, if she doesn’t drive a stake into the hollow heart of her social anxieties, she’ll rot in a coffin just like her undead characters.
She wants to ditch the author persona.
She wants to get out of the house.
But Eugenia soon discovers that it’s not that easy to put down the pen. In fact, it could very well turn deadly . . .

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