I Will Remember You by L. Jaye Morgan

I Will Remember You by L. Jaye Morgan
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 332 KB

Sometimes the past is better left undisturbed…
When Gianna Harris is found unconscious on the side of an Atlanta road, covered in blood, her dead husband beside her, police are eager to find the person responsible. But there’s one thing standing in the way: Gianna. The trauma caused her to lose most of her recent memories, including those from that night.
As she struggles to piece together what led her and her beloved husband—affectionately nicknamed the “modern-day Huxtables”—to that spot on that night, she must rely on her friends and family to fill in the blanks. But the more details they feed her about the past, the more she realizes things in her happy home were not what they seemed. What’s worse, everyone around her seems to have ulterior motives. A traumatized Gianna makes the decision to move forward and make new memories with her mother, grandmother, and daughter…as well as a new man. And then the letters come. Three simple words, threatening and ominous:
Terrified that her husband’s killer is coming back to finish the job and unsure of who to trust, Gianna is forced to revisit her forgotten past. As she unravels the threads of her marriage, the deadly secrets she uncovers threaten everything she holds dear. Will she unmask a killer before it’s too late?

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